FY2018 Budget Added to Open Budget: GR

Interested in the City of Grand Rapids’ budget, but don’t have time to thumb through the 326 page document? A great place to start in learning more about the nearly $530 Million budget is by visiting Open Budget: Grand Rapids.

What’s New?

Follow The Money

We use budget data provided by the City of Grand Rapids to create different ways to view the budget, Cash Flow and Detail Breakdown.

Cash flow follows money through the City of Grand Rapids budget: from revenue sources, to the General Fund or various non-discretionary funds, and finally to the various city departments’ expenses. This also demonstrates quickly the relative size difference in funds for services provided by non-discretionary and general funds.

With the Detailed Breakdown view of the budget you can click on a fund to see the departments that receive its funding. Click on that department to see its spending or revenue. You can continue to click deeper into departments for more specifics.

Thanks To Our City Partners

All of our City Partners make this project possible. This includes Mayor Bliss, many commissioners, and staff within the Budget and Customer Service departments.

A very special shoutout goes to:

Who We are

Open Budget: Grand Rapids is a project of Citizen Labs and the result of many contributors including coders, community advocates, and city officials. We’re looking for ideas on ways that we can contribute to the Grand Rapids community. If this sounds interesting and you would like to get involved please contact us.